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First Steps

Looking down at my feet, I struggle to take a first step outside in the pouring rain. I take a deep breath and go. The rain catches me right away like a shower and doesn't stop for the whole time I'm out.

As I make my way around the village on this spring evening, I slowly grow accustomed not just with the rain, but also with the rhythmic pounding of my trainers on the pavement, with the breathing patterns I switch between – alternating intervals and recovery periods - , and with the feeling of effort.

First steps on the trail - Akasha La Sportiva shoes
First steps on the trail

Getting started is always the toughest part - in running, in writing, in adventure. This is what this blog will be mainly about: getting off the ground and leaping into adventure, whatever that means to you.

On my rainy run, by the time I got home after an hour, I was barely bothered by the rain I had to run through or by any of the tens of excuses I could have come up with in order to stay home. Instead, a hot soup and a warm shower restored warmth to my limbs, while I was excited to review my results on my running app. Overall, I felt achievement more than anything.

I was a slow starter in running. I used to hate doing the 1-km time trial in school and stayed away from trainers until I signed up for a 10k on a whim and realised that running was actually fun and gave me a structure to train towards. I became interested in

I was also a slow starter in adventure – I actually still feel like I’m not that adventurous! Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, doing self-supported hikes in the Highlands, sleeping in a bivvy bag at the top of a Welsh mountain… all these would have seemed impossible to me a few years ago. But there’s a first step for everything. And the more steps I have taken, the more I’ve wanted to keep going.

Here, I’ll be sharing my learnings from my adventures across mountains, my journey towards being braver in the outdoors, and my progress with constant life changes. It’s not just about training hard to get fit – I’ll share practical advice about mindset, goal setting, and dreaming big. And of course, great photos from the trail!

Make sure to follow my Instagram for the latest photos and post updates. Happy running!

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